Welcome to the Smith Rock Master Planning web page. Over the next year OPRD will be using this site to publish Master Planning updates, public meeting information, and other resources related to our current Master Plan Update for Smith Rock State Park. This current planning process will update the 1991 Smith Rock Master Plan to guide recreation, park development, and resource management at the park for the coming decades.

We encourage you to sign up to receive email updates on the right hand side of the page to stay informed about the planning process. You can also contact us directly to be added to the park plan email and mailing lists.

The first phase of the planning process is an assessment of the natural, cultural, scenic, and recreational resources at Smith Rock. The second phase will focus on gathering public input and identifying strategies for park development and long term management. We are currently wrapping up the assessment phase and are beginning public involvement efforts for phase two of the process.

We will hold three advisory committee meetings over the next year to year and a half. Visit this page for the current public meeting schedule.

In the coming weeks we will be publishing more information on the planning schedule, park surveys, and more. Stay posted….

7 comments on “Welcome

  1. Jay says:

    What does Portland or its residents have to do with the plan for our back yard. We certainly so not have a say about what portland people say in Portland


    • OPRD Planning says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jay.

      As Smith Rock is a state park OPRD has a responsibility to generate input on this Master Plan from visitors across Oregon. Our 2016 Smith Rock Visitor Survey (Posted at https://smithrockparkplan.com/plan-materials/) indicated that 22% of visitors were local (driving 30 miles or less to reach the park) and another 22% originated 151 to 250 miles from the park (p 6). As is consistent with other OPRD Master Planning processes, and outlined in state rule, we are required to hold a public meeting in the vicinity of the park and one other meeting in a “location that encourages broad participation” (OAR 736-018-0015; 18b). We try and hold these meetings in a metro area outside the park vicinity to make it feasible for visitors from across the state to participate in the planning process. Additionally, we are continually attempting to broaden our outreach strategies through efforts such as this website in order to make it easier for folks to voice their opinions. We may choose to hold meetings in other cities during this planning process but Portland was identified as a location where we could effectively expand participation given that the survey found 24% of park users resided in the Portland metro area (p 38).


  2. Curtis D Wood says:

    Put in a sky tram , from parking lot to the highest point to the east,you’ll get to go over the C.River, the North Unit Irrigation, main canal and over burma rd. once on top you’ll be able to see the cascades from mt. Rainier north to mt.Thielsen south, to the east C. River grass lands, and way back to the East the Ochoco N.F. This sky tram would be a great attraction just as itself, away for the every day person to get one of the best views in Central Oregon. Try to build the sky tram with only Two up poles ,at bottom and at top let the cable swing low. install it with little to no impact on the ground and improve the foot trail down to Smith Rock , for people that would like to walk back to parking lot.


  3. jarold ramsey says:

    My brother Jim and I were climbing at Smith before it became a park, and with Vivian Staender we wrote the first climbers guide, for the Mazamas. So our support for Smith goes way back, and we wish the new planning for it well. Speaking for myself, two urgent priorities stand out: (1) more parking spaces; (2) the creation of a Visitors/Interpretive Center that would be worthy of the Park and what it offers. OPRD has surely marginalized the need for a real center (where programs can be held) for far too long–let’s get it on the new Master Plan, and get it delivered! Jarold Ramsey, Madras


  4. S. L. says:

    I agree with Jay’s comment and I wonder if Curtis is from Portland! A sky tram!?!? I would like to think that anyone from Central Oregon would not be receptive to this suggestion! Preserve and protect this amazing area just the way nature made it! Do not turn it in to an amusement park!


  5. Woody Keen says:

    Will there be a Bend meeting at some point?


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