Public Meeting I Slides

Thank you to all who attended the advisory committee, Redmond and Portland public meetings. There was an excellent showing of interested parties eager to contribute.

If you were unable to attend the first public meeting and would like to leave a comment please fill out an online survey located here: Survey  We will continue to collect comments until February 24th, 2017.

Please check back soon as we will be posting the date for the next public meeting along with an updated advisory committee member list and interactive mapping survey.  We appreciate the many online surveys and public comments we have received thus far and are eager to have continued involvement as the master plan process progresses.

2 comments on “Public Meeting I Slides

  1. Tonya Lunsford says:


    I think one of the issues to consider when going forward is the traffic and parking impact, on the town of Terrebonne and Hwy 97. This is no big secret to anyone, it is NOT easy to return South on Hwy 97 from Smith Rock Way, after visiting the park. Not only is that a dangerous intersection, it is very congested and the lines can get very long to return to Hwy 97 which ends up creating a secondary problems at the 11th street intersection of Smith Rock Way.

    Perhaps one possible solution; to educate visitors about the many alternative routes that exist when leaving the park. There are many alternatives that are “back roads” and make accessibility to Hwy 97 much safer. Having an alternative route or two might also increase the experience for users of the park as they would have less stressful drives.


    • smith rock neighbor says:

      Living near there i would like to see safer ways to get to smith rock so that i don’t have to drive. I drive because it’s completely unsafe to bike or walk there, but not impractical/impossible. I think having different options to access the park will greatly improve the experience for people and the safety. A bike path to/from terrebone and or redmond, a parking lot and shuttle from terrebone would be amazing. Building more parking at smith rock seems like it would hurt the park and just make crowding worse…


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