Smith Rock Master Plan: Public Meeting II

OPRD has scheduled the following dates and times for the next round of public meetings for the Smith Rock Master Plan.


Bend Meeting
October 24th, 2017
Location: Bend Park & Recreation Dist.
Riverbend Community Room
799 SW Columbia St, Bend, 97701

Redmond Neighborhood Meeting
October 25th, 2017
Location: Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center; South Sister Main Hall
3800 SE Airport Way, Redmond, 97756

Advisory Committee Meeting

The Advisory Committee is comprised of individuals, agency and organization appointees who represent a diverse range of interests.

The general public can attend the Advisory Committee meeting, however, only comments from the Advisory Committee will be heard at this meeting.

October 25th, 2017, 1:30-4:30 PM
Deschutes County Fair & Expo; South Sister Main Hall; 3800 SE Airport Way, Redmond

Please follow the link for the formal newsletter:

Public Meeting Newsletter Announcement

5 comments on “Smith Rock Master Plan: Public Meeting II

  1. Bob says:

    So there is no actual opportunity to directly address the committee during the actual process? Just before they start making decisions, and only through indirect input from completly separate meetings?


    • OPRD Planning says:

      Assuming you are referring to the Advisory Committee, no there is no opportunity for the public to directly address the committee. I apologize for this not being clearly stated within the meeting invite, but the Advisory Committee is not a decision making body. All of the comments received within both the Advisory and Public meetings will be documented and considered in the further development of the park master plan. No formal decisions will be made at either the public or advisory committee meetings. We encourage you to attend and contribute your ideas at the public meeting.


  2. cilogear says:

    After a well attended meeting here in Portland for the previous round, I’m pretty surprised that you’re not having a meeting up here. Especially since you stated at the previous event that a lot of visitors come from this area. I appreciate the added cost and effort it requires, but I hope we can get a meeting up in Portland.


  3. Theresa says:

    Are there other ways to provide comment on the three draft concepts or other items, if we were unable to attend the public meetings?


    • OPRD Planning says:

      Hi Theresa. Thank you for your question. Please feel free to comment on the three current concepts. You can contact the OPRD planner directly via phone or email: Julia Cogger: 503-986-0663 or Also, feel free to leave comments here on the site. We are eager to hear everyone’s comments and will continue to edit and refine the proposals for the master plan as comment are submitted.


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