Smith Rock Public Meeting 2

Cover slideSmith Rock Public Meeting 2 Presentation

Thank you to all who attended the public meetings hosted in Bend and Redmond last week.  Each meeting was very well attended and OPRD staff took note of the multitude of ideas, concerns and comments that were received.  It was evident how many consider Smith Rock a special gem as they expressed their passion for the park.

A link to the slides presented at the meetings is located just above this summary. The concepts presented at the meetings and associated assessment files are located under the tab ‘plan materials.’ The current comment period will remain open until November 25th.  Please feel free to contact the lead planner on the project via phone or email as listed below:

Julia Cogger


Thanks again for your participation!

One comment on “Smith Rock Public Meeting 2

  1. Tim Kennedy says:

    I do not understand how you arrived at the following conclusion on slide 15:

    “Make significant changes to parking patterns and policies to reduce
    and focus impact in managed areas
    No increase, improve what we have, keep cars from parking on
    the road, better regulate/easier system for regulating, smaller visual impact”

    In Table 31 in the Visitor Survey Report by Terry Bergerson, it was reported that 63% of those surveyed felt that “more parking” was needed. Yet, you concluded that there should be “no increase.”

    It is also interesting to note from Table 31 that although 85% of the respondents complained about overcrowding, only 25% of them were in favor of limiting the number of people allowed per day. This seems to indicated that given a choice, most people would rather deal with overcrowding than having their access restricted.


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