Smith Rock Public Meeting 2: Meeting Summaries

The public meetings were both well attended with great feedback.  Please click on the following links for summaries of the meeting discussions, small group break out sessions, and a map featuring digital post-its of the comments we received on the large printed maps in the meetings.  Remember we are still accepting comments.

Thanks again for your attendance and participation. We look forward to seeing you at additional public meetings.

Bend Public Meeting 2 : 2017-10-24

Redmond Advisory Committee Meeting 2: 2017-10-25 

Redmond Neighbor Meeting 2: 2017-10-25

Small Group Comments: 2017-10-24 and 25

Smith Rock Supplemental Comments: 2017-10-24 and 25

Map of Public Meeting Post-it Comments

4 comments on “Smith Rock Public Meeting 2: Meeting Summaries

  1. Cj Johnson says:

    Hi Julia, I submitted several comments that would not fit on a post it note. I do not see any of these in the minutes. Can you please revise and repost ge meeting minutes to include these?


    • OPRD Planning says:

      Yes, I just posted a file featuring the supplemental comments we received at the meetings that did not fit on the post its. Thanks.


  2. CJ Johnson says:

    Do the three options comply with the elements included in the Sensitive Bird and mammal Combining Zone? Are they reviewed by ODFW prior to presentation to the public?
    Sensitive Bird Habitat Zone :


    • OPRD Planning says:

      CJ, thank you for the question. The three concepts presented at the second public meeting were reviewed by our Wildlife Biologist and Natural Resources Specialists, but were not reviewed by ODFW prior to the public presentation. There will be a preliminary review of the Concept Development Plan by ODFW to make sure everything is compliant. -Robin


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