Smith Rock – Open House Materials

To provide an opportunity for public, stakeholders, and agency partners throughout the state to provide feedback, materials from the public open houses are available here. The Advisory Committee presentation on October 3rd is also shared for reference.

Your feedback is important to us. Public comment is available via this site through November 30th. You may contact OPRD’s project manager, Robin Wilcox ( or 503-986-0743 any time with questions or concerns.

Thank you to those who were able to join us in Portland (October 22nd) or Redmond (October 24th). Your comments are being reviewed by the planning team. Stay tuned to this site for updates.

Open House

Smith Rock Concept Plan

Open House Materials – DOWNLOAD

Advisory Committee Presentation

Please Note: Based on feedback received from the Advisory Committee, changes to the size of the new trail head at Wilcox/17th were made prior to the public open houses.

Advisory 3 Presentation

Smith Rock_Advisory Committee Presentation – DOWNLOAD


4 comments on “Smith Rock – Open House Materials

  1. Leslie Brown says:

    This plan has some wonderful features including dispersion of visitors and three bridges. It addresses parking from the perspective of the neighborhood. The glaring omission is the failure to address increasing parking capacity More people are coming and capping parking is not a responsible management solution
    Timed parking will reduce the spaces available to all day visitors, further aggravating the shortage

    Additional toilets are needed in areas far away from the parking lot where braided trails and toilet tissue gardens proliferate. They are needed near Student Wall/Burma Road and near the major trail intersection near Monkey Face

    The plan also does not address the large groups which consume the parking and tie up the unique resources. 50 people is too large a group. The state needs to develop other parks with similar features to take some of the stress off of Smith. This park should not be the private playground of large clubs which arrive early to stake their claim for the day multiple times per year

    The Park should have a stash of tools for qualified groups to use in assisting the park with trail maintenance

    The Canyon Trail is still needed to allow for a flat loop trail. Runners and hikers want a variety of length loops

    Keep in mind that many people, especially climbers, are seeking to avoid the sun or stay in the sun. They will be finishing their visit in a different area from where they started. They may be exiting the park from a different point. The trail system and shuttle can facilitate this


    • OPRD Planning says:

      Thank you for the feedback, Leslie. We will received public feedback until the end of November. Once the comment period closes, we will provide a summary of responses and a list of all the comments received for public record.

      One item to note regarding your comments, toilets. We are showing a new pit/composting toilet near the Monkey Face/Mesa Verde/Misery Ridge intersection, two new vault toilets (North Point and new trailhead at Wilcox/17th), and bathrooms will be included in the Welcome Center. We received a few other comments at the public open houses regarding a pit/composting toilet near Student Wall.



  2. Nancy Alderson says:

    I have a few concerns with the proposed Smith Rock Master Plan.

    First of all, I live within a mile of the park. I hike there often. Admittedly, I have an interest in the park’s well-being. Speaking of which, the park is not only for people — it is also for the animals and plants,

    Your idea if expanding towards the south end of the park, i.e. 50 parking spaces at 17th and Wilcox area is misguided. Making a parking lot would necessitate disrupting the established animal patterns and natural habitat. Making a parking lot far from park personnel would present an enforcement delimma. How would you patrol/monitor that area?

    I believe that the park would be better served by encouraging development toward the north end with the potential of expanding into the offered 33+ acres.

    With that in mind, I propose a new bridge at the north end, a relocated central bridge and NO southern bridge.


    • OPRD Planning says:

      Thank you for the feedback, Nancy. Natural resources (animals and plants), cultural resources, and recreation are all being considered as we move forward through the master planning process.


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