Public Meetings – Revised October 2018

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Meeting I. Public Comment and Park Values

At our first meeting we will explain how the planning process will guide the vision and management of this park. More importantly, we will listen to local residents and park stakeholders to find out what they value about this incredible place.


Meeting II. Assessments and Concept Alternatives            Summer 2017

At the second set of public meetings we will present the results of our park resource assessments. Community members and park staff will work together to begin to identify key goals and strategies to maintain the future wellbeing of the state park. Staff will also present planning concepts with alternatives for development of the state park and listen to public comment.

Concept alternatives present different visions for the park and help us consider the specific opportunities and challenges. Public engagement and discussion at this meeting is especially important to the success of the planning effort.

ADDED: Public Open House #3: Draft Concept Development Plan Review, October 2018

Due to feedback received during the second public meeting, OPRD added an additional opportunity for public feedback prior to issuing the Draft Master Plan document.

REVISED: Public Meeting #4. Draft Master Plan Review, Summer 2019 (Anticipated)

At our third fourth set of public meetings staff will present the draft master plan for public review, including finalized development concepts and park management strategies.

5 comments on “Public Meetings – Revised October 2018

  1. Rod J. says:

    Any updates as to revised meeting dates?


    • OPRD Planning says:

      Yes. Thanks for checking Rod. We currently have October 24th in Bend and October 25th in Redmond booked for public meeting number two. I will be posting a newsletter with locations as soon as we have the rooms confirmed.


  2. OPRD Planning says:

    Thanks for checking in Rod. We are tentatively setting the public meeting dates on October 24th and 25th. I will upload additional details soon.


  3. Shelli Blais says:

    Any plans for public meetings in Spring/Summer of 2018 to present the revised master plan?


    • OPRD Planning says:

      Shelli, thank you for the question. We will have one more round of public meetings once the draft master plan is available. A public meeting is required per state rule-making when the draft master plan is released. The current schedule is for the draft master plan to be available late spring/early summer 2019, but that may change depending on timing of a few follow-up studies that are planned once the concept development plan is finalized.


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