OPRD has created online surveys to allow the public to make comments online in regards to the master plan for Smith Rock State Park.

Please note the map survey is new as of January 2017. If you filled out the other surveys, we appreciate your responses and are eager to see if you have any additional comments to add to the map.


Click Here To Open Map Survey

Online Mapping Tool

The OPRD Online Mapping Tool provides a place for everyone to comment directly on a map of the park. This tool allows you to locate your comment on the map with a virtual post-it note. As comments are made they will be visible to others reading the map, creating an ‘online open house’ where anyone can share their vision for the park.

Please note the map does not currently work on mobile devices.


Park Planning Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out our short survey and share your thoughts on the park:

This survey will be used to inform planning concepts for the park, as well as determine park goals, strategies, and values at the early stages of the park planning process.

We will be accepting comments on the survey until end of day February 24, 2017.


2 comments on “Survey

  1. Tim Kennedy says:

    The parking facilities at Smith Rock state park should be expanded rather than attempting to limit the number of visitors by way of a permit system or another means. There is ample room to expand the parking lot near the entrance to the park.


  2. Cindy (Vergari) Murphy says:

    The impact to the park and resources really needs to be the number one priority. Visitors should be be limited to the carrying capacity of the land or the very reason they are coming to Smith Rock will be degraded. I retired from the state park system and I have seen this happen. Limiting visitors and educating them well on the reasons why would be beneficial. Too many people come from city environments and many have no idea what their impact is on nature and the environment. This is a great opportunity to protect the park and educate the public on the value of resources.


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